We Create Unique Investment Opportunities in Real Estate that were Historically only Available to Institutions.

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What We Do

We offer direct access to alternative investments including exclusive real estate investments, 1031 exchange opportunities and private deals for Accredited Investors, Financial Advisors, RIA’s & Family Offices. 


  • Long-term NNN leases provide for a more conservative investment
  • Stable monthly income
  • Blue-chip asset class in real estate


  • High demand institutional asset class which provides favorable multiple for investors upon exit
  • Ground-up construction or value-add renovation projects
  • Quarterly distributions from cash flow with favorable upside upon sale


  • Distressed opportunities in good markets can provide for steady cash flow & attractive exit valuations
  • Multiple revenue streams available


  • Redevelopment of aged properties to a more current usability
  • Most commonly incorporating multifamily, office and retail. Other components such as hotel can be included depending upon the project. More institutional in nature due to a longer time frame

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BV Capital Featured Investment 2021

The Fund will be a diversified portfolio of triple net leased assets with a focus on Texas and Sunbelt States that have demonstrated resilience during the current economic environment.  The primary goal is to provide stable current income in a conservative investment while still providing the opportunity for future upside upon the exit of the investment.

Investment Criteria

Local Knowledge

We stay local to Texas and our surrounding areas so we can leverage local knowledge and local relationships.

Full Transparency

We offer audited financials on all of our deals for full transparency.  This protects all parties and allows us to access leading brokerage and financial platforms for our CPA, RIA and financial advisor partners.

Value Creation

The best returns come from great value creation.  We look for unique opportunities to create value and grow cash flow.  We don’t just wait for asset appreciation.

Due Diligence

A rigorous due diligence process is performed before entering into any deal.  This includes background checks on all parties, site visits to all properties, testing the financial models and proformas used to underwrite the deal, evaluation of the debt financing, lease contracts if applicable and any third parties that may be used in construction or management of an asset.

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