Creating Unique Investment Opportunities In Private Real Estate

BV Capital is a member of the Bridgeview family of companies based in Dallas, TX.  Bridgeview was founded in 2011 and is a private veteran owned real estate development and investment company.  BV Capital is Bridgeview's private equity company offering direct access to investments historically only available to institutions.  While we work with many institutions, and high end investors, we also enjoy an extensive network of financial advisors, RIA’s and family offices.  Our investor base stretches across the country and internationally as well.  We are focused on commercial real estate in Texas markets and offer investments in single property assets as well as diversified portfolios and funds.

BV Capital is focused on providing smart capital to real estate developers and sponsors across the major commercial real estate asset types.  Underwriting and oversight are done in partnership with our affiliate Bridgeview Real Estate, itself a seasoned real estate development company.  This provides additional value in consulting and potential partnership as needed.

Variable Holding Periods

We offer investments in assets with various maturities giving investors opportunities for cash flow and capital appreciation.

Off Market Properties

Through our relationships in the local real estate markets, we are able to identify projects that are not actively marketed.

Institutional Investments 

We offer investments typically only available to institutions.

A Real Estate Firm First

  • Being a real estate firm first allows BV a unique perspective on the deals we see.   Advisors and investors trust us to only bring them deals that work and to pass on the deals that don’t. 
  • Our commitment is simple.   We don’t just raise money for a fee.   We raise money that makes sense.   We want to see a deal that adds value to the community, the real estate and our investors. 
  • We personally visit every property and perform a rigorous due diligence on every deal.   This includes vetting our partner developers, the financial model, the development or value add strategy and the exit strategy.
  • We personally invest in every deal ourselves.   If we won’t put our money in a deal, we won’t bring it to market.

Why Invest In Real Estate?

For generations direct real estate investing has provided immense wealth, but only for the select few.  Historically, investors needed specific knowledge, the right connections and most importantly access to large amounts of capital.  Hedge funds, professional investors and the ultra wealthy have taken advantage of these opportunities for years, but now any Accredited Investor can participate in this once out of reach opportunity.

Our Why

Our philosophy behind business and money has old roots.  It is simply to view wealth through the eyes of stewardship. Whether it be as a steward of our investor's money or of the firm's resources we believe in the view that we are to use wealth to better those around us.  Our focus, experience and expertise build wealth for our investors and development partners and this same skill set can be used to address the needs of our community. This ideal is why the principles at BV believe in supporting partner causes that benefit our society.  BV will share a percentage of resources with various nonprofits every year in response to this mission. 

Invest in Private Real Estate and let your portfolio see the difference.

Why should you invest? Why choose Private Real Estate over Public Real Estate?