BV Archway Real Estate Income Fund

BV Archway Real Estate Income Fund

The Fund is a diversified portfolio of triple net leased assets with a focus on Texas and Sunbelt States that have demonstrated resilience during the current economic environment.  The primary goal is to provide stable current income in a conservative investment while still providing the opportunity for future upside upon the exit of the investment.

GeoDynamics HQ
GeoDynamics HQ

Greater Dallas - Fort Worth, TX

Under Contract

Floor & Décor

Houston, TX

Acquired in Feb 2021

GeoDynamics Machine Shop
GeoDynamics Machine Shop

Greater Dallas - Fort Worth, TX

Under Contract

Loomis Armored US
Loomis Armored US, Inc

El Paso, TX

Under Contract

Northern Tool & Equipment

Houston, TX

Under Contract

Potential Properties

Dallas, San Antonio, Lubbock, TX

Dallas - Fort Worth Metroplex

Investment Criteria 

Investment asset Criteria:

  • All assets will be secured by single tenant net leases
  • National or strong regional credit supporting all leases
  • Retail assets will generally be considered  “Amazon resistant”
  • Industrial assets have significant tenant capital invested in the property or other economic factors making it difficult to relocate
  • All assets newly constructed or undergone major renovation within past 10 years

Overall Portfolio Criteria:

  • Weighted average portfolio lease term > 10 years
  • Portfolio return meets or exceeds 7.0% after debt service with contractual rent increases
  • Portfolio income sufficient enough to generate greater than 1.5x debt service coverage ratio
  • Conservative leverage not to exceed 65% LTV on a portfolio basis
  • Portfolio offers diversification within product type with no major industry concentration
  • No new investment will be dilutive to the existing Portfolio investors (leveraged return must meet or exceed 7.0%)


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The Fund will favor Industrial properties and intends to create a portfolio of high-quality income generating Industrial assets in great locations with strong fundamentals. 

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Majority of investment is expected in Texas with the ability to find opportunities in other high growth states across the Southern US.

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The Fund will favor properties whose tenants were deemed “essential” and never closed operations during the COVID-19 shut down.

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The Fund seeks properties that demonstrate a “mission critical” nature to the tenant’s business. These companies have typically made significant investment in the facilities which makes relocation less likely.

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Archway's core competency. We expect business to continue to relocate facilities to Texas and other Sunbelt States due to favorable business climate, central location and affordable cost of living. 

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Investing in Single Tenant Triple Net Leases create a favorable risk adjusted return while providing current income.



At $1.8 trillion, Texas has the 10th largest GDP in the world, ahead of Canada and just behind Brazil


Texas ranked #1 Best State for Business for 16 Consecutive Years by Chief Executive Magazine – June 11, 2020 


Texas ranked as the #1 State for Business Climate by Business Facilities – July 29, 2020 


Texas is the largest manufacturing state in the U.S. accounting for 10% of total manufacturing, topping $243 billion in 2019


Texas produces almost 40% of America’s oil and 24% of the country’s natural gas 


Texas is also the top exporting state with almost 20% of total U.S. exports totaling $247 billion


With the largest transportation network in the U.S., Texas has over 313,000 miles of public highways, 16 seaports, and 380 airports


Texas is also home to almost 1 million women-owned businesses, with a nearly 150% growth rate over the past 20 years, and the state ranks third in the U.S. for total female-owned businesses

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The Fund can be held directly with us or with one of the below custodians

TD Ameritrade
cnb logo
millennium trust company
Quest Trust Company
and many others.
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Investing in Single Tenant Triple Net Leases create a favorable risk adjusted return while providing current income.

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