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6 Acre Short-Term Land Acquisition Offering

BV Arlington Land

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On behalf of Bridgeview Multifamily, BV Capital is seeking equity for the acquisition of 6.34 acres to hold for an estimated period of 6-12 months to complete predevelopment work for the construction a 250-unit class A multifamily project in Arlington, TX.  The land is fully zoned with favorable support from the city.

Bridgeview is seeking limited partnership equity of $4,000,000 to facilitate the land acquisition and fund predevelopment work for the future ground up construction development, Mercantile Lofts.  Investors will receive a preferred return of 20%*, calculated on an annualized basis.  The time between closing the land acquisition and the recapitalization to fund construction on the development is estimated to be between six and twelve months. 

The construction phase is estimated to be fully funded and breaking ground in Q1 of 2024, which is when the recapitalization of the land investment will occur.  In the event that the recapitalization closes quicker, investors will receive a minimum preferred return of 12%.  If the recapitalization takes longer than approximately seven months, the accrued preferred return will exceed the minimum. 

bv arlington land

Investment Highlights

  • Current estimate of 20% annualized preferred return with a 12% floor* in case of early redemption
  • Hold Period for the land phase is estimated to be 6-12 months pending market conditions

*The return is not guaranteed as it relies on the performance of the project.

Mercantile Lofts Rendering

Rendering of Future Development, 'Mercantile Lofts'

Mercantile Lofts Site Plan

Development Site Plan

Investment Location

The City of Arlington’s central location, expanding employment base and booming tourist industry all play a role in making Arlington one of DFW’s favorite suburban markets. Two Major League Sports Teams, Fortune 500 employment and world-class entertainment venues keep Arlington in the national spotlight.  High profile events held at AT&T Stadium are major drivers for the North Texas economy.  AT&T Stadium will be among the host venues for the FIFA 2026 World Cup, which is estimated to generate $400M in economic impact to North Texas.

highlights of arlington, tx

  • 1st in effective rent growth in DFW
  • Dallas & Fort Worth both 30 minutes away
  • 26% + population growth since 2020
  • Low vacancy & strong rent growth
  • One of the fastest growing suburbs in DFW
  • Diverse and financially stable economic base
  • Attractive location for corporate relocation & Fortune 500 companies

Apartment Economics

The project will be positioned in an area of growth on the south side side of Arlington, Texas.  The surrounding area in mostly residential homes valued at around $350,000 based on Zillow recent sales.  The multifamily market in Arlington has been expanding significantly over the past few years, driven by the city's robust economy and attractive job prospects.  Despite the impacts of the pandemic, there are clear indications of a recovering market, with gradual increases in both the percentage of occupied units and rents.

Notably, the average rent in Arlington, currently at $1,254, has increased by 10% from the previous year.  Occupancy rates in Arlington are strong at around 94%, indicating a healthy demand for rental properties. There has also been an increase in demand for studio apartments and smaller units.  In 2023, the housing market in Texas is expected to continue expanding, reflecting larger national trends.  An imbalance between supply and demand has fueled rapid home appreciation throughout the state.

 Mercantile Lofts Distances in Arlington

Distances from the proposed development, Mercantile Lofts, to be built in Arlington, TX

Investment Strategy

Bridgeview’s proposed development is well positioned to take advantage of these positive trends. The acquisition of land below market value and the support from local government officials provide a solid foundation for the project. The rising demand for rental properties in Arlington, coupled with the city's steady population and job growth, presents a unique opportunity for investors. Given these factors, our development is poised to deliver a high-quality, in-demand housing option for the Arlington rental market.

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